The dynamic recovery plans in this app are based on recovery plans compiled and maintained by the National Marine Fisheries Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The app is only a prototype, and lacks significant functionality that a full demonstration app would have.

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Five threat factors

How important is each of the five threat factors to the species?

For this prototype we illustrate the concept of apportioning threats by their importance to the species, but the values shown are only for illustration. Once fully implemented, the sliders would automatically adjust to sum to 1 and would only be editable by authorized users.
Expert eliciation is used to adjust the sliders as needed to represent the relative importance of each of the five factors.

Detailed threat table

(from the 1998 recovery plan)

Threats description

Recovery actions stepdown

1: Nesting environment

2: Marine environment

3: Ensure proper care in captivity

4: International cooperation

Threat and demographic status


Threat score


Demography score

We have developed a method to score the status of threats a species faces and the species' biological (i.e., demographic) status. The scores can range from -1 (threats are worsening / demographic status is deteriorating) to +1 (threats are ameliorated / demographic status is improving). Here we show how these scores can be presented to provide a quick overview of status, but these are not real estimates of the species' status. See <insert preprint link>.
By extracting past scores we can better understand how the species has fared - in terms of both threat and demographic changes - over an extended period. These data are for illustration only, but will provide much-needed information when dynamic recovery plans are fully implemented.

Status description

Select your favorite state, work type, and/or lead agency; graphs will update automatically. You may select more than one category to filter on.

FWS section 7 consultations through time

FWS section 7 consultations by work type

FWS section 7 consultations by agency

Anticipated costs

A significant challenge of static recovery plans is that they are rarely updated. The image below shows the first page of the recovery team's cost estimates for 1998-2003, but we (collectively) have no way to assess the gap between needs and what was actually budgeted.

Estimated recovery year NA

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