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ESA Listing Workplan Explorer

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) released a 7-year workplan used to prioritize ongoing species status reviews. FWS uses two different prioritization schemes; a 1-5 priority bin for status reviews of non-candidate species, and the Listing Priority Number (LPN) of current candidate species. Mouse over the interactive timeline to see a sample of species scheduled for review in a given fiscal year. Visit FWS's website for more additional information.

Priority Bin Definitions

Detailed bin descriptions available at FWS workplan page.

Interactive Workplan Table

The interactive table below contains data from the full 7-year workplan. Each row documents a species for which a status assessment is pending, and includes information about the type of review action planned, the species' geographic range, and the anticipated fiscal year of status review. Use the sort, search, and filtering tools to explore the data. The filtering tools can be used to select records based on specific criteria, e.g., finding all pending species in a state, or identifying species with high priority scheduled for review in later years.