This is a list of The Heat Is On fact sheets describing the current, deleterious effects of climate change on species across North America and examples from elsewhere in the Western Hemisphere. Visit Defenders of Wildlife’s interactive “Field Guide to Climate Change” to learn more. En Español

Alpine Chipmunk
American Lobster
American Pika
Atlantic Cod
Atlantic Puffin
Attwaters Prairie Chicken
Blotched Tiger Salamander
Boreal Chorus Frog
Bull Trout
California Brown Pelican
California Sea Lion
Cape Sable Seaside Sparrow
Cassins Auklet
Chinook Salmon (Alaska)
Chinook Salmon (California)
Columbia Spotted Frog
Common Murre
Delta Smelt
Desert Bighorn Sheep
Devils Hole Pupfish
Everglade Snail Kite
Gray Seal
Harp Seal
Hawaiian Honeycreepers
Hawaiian Monk Seal
Karner Blue Butterfly
Kemps Ridley Sea Turtle
Leatherback Sea Turtle
Longfin Smelt
Miami Blue Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly
North Atlantic Right Whale
Northern Sea Otter
Pacific Walrus
Pinon Pine
Polar Bear
Puerto Rican Parrot
Quaking Aspen
Quino Checkerspot Butterfly
Red Wolf
Ringed Seal
Sitka Spruce
Snowshoe Hare
Sockeye Salmon
Sonoran Pronghorn
Westslope Cutthroat Trout
Whitebark Pine
White-tailed Ptarmigan