The Year of Coexistence Story Map Series
The Year of Coexistence Story Map Series

The Year of Coexistence Story Map Series

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The Year of Coexistence Story Maps

Coexisting with wildlife is integral to Defenders’ mission to protect all native animals and plants in their natural communities. For over 30 years, Defenders has been equipping people who directly share the landscape with wildlife, with innovative science-based tools and strategies to reduce conflicts. To celebrate the incredible wildlife and people we have worked with over the years, Defenders declared 2019 the Year of Coexistence! In this story map, we highlight how far we’ve come in increasing acceptance of our wild neighbors across the country and what we have planned for the future. This year’s highlights also include monthly blogs and videos of some of our most at-risk species for you to check out as well.

Each species also has its own individual story map on our coexistence work. Click on the links below to check them out!

Mae Lacey
Conservation GIS Analyst

As the Conservation GIS Analyst in the Center for Conservation Innovation, Mae provides support and leadership for geospatial product development across Defenders.