In the Center for Conservation Innovation at Defenders of Wildlife, we work at the intersection of science, technology, and policy to find creative, practical solutions for better conservation.


We lead and collaborate on original research into the realities of how conservation laws and policies are implemented.


We develop and deploy new technologies to collect and communicate actionable conservation data.


We think creatively about how science, technology, and policy are developed together and advocate for tightly integrated solutions.

Featured Publication in Nature Climate Change

Agency plans are inadequate to conserve US endangered species under climate change

Despite widespread evidence of climate change as a threat to biodiversity, it is unclear whether government policies and agencies are adequately addressing this threat to species. We evaluate species sensitivity, a component of climate change vulnerability, and whether climate change is discussed as a threat in planning for climate-related management action in official documents from 1973-2018 for all 459 US animals listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

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The Endangered Species Act 101

Learn how the Endangered Species Act (ESA) works in our new series hosted by Meg Evansen, our Conservation Science & Policy Analyst!

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Publications & Products

In the Center for Conservation Innovation at Defenders of Wildlife, we carry out and publish research, write brief analyses on conservation topics, develop web applications, and produce geospatial analyses and maps.

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