ESA Listings Dashboard image.

ESA Listings Dashboard

The Endangered Species Act protects species in danger of extinction (Endangered) or likely to become endangered (Threatened). This small dashboard illustrates how listings have changed over time based on the data service from the U.S. Fish and …
Section 7 Explorer image.

Section 7 Explorer

<h3>-OBSOLETE-</h3> A Shiny app to explore section 7 consultation data from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over the period 2008-2018. All data are from the Service's TAILS database, checked for basic errors, and duplicates removed …
NMFS West Coast Salmon Range (BETA) image.

NMFS West Coast Salmon Range (BETA)

<h3>-OBSOLETE-</h3> An alpha-stage app to view the areas occupied by Pacific Coast salmon listed under the Endangered Species Act. Please [get in touch](mailto:cci@defenders.org) if you would like to work on advancing this tool.
ESA Counties image.

ESA Counties

Knowing where ESA-listed species live is the first step to avoiding, minimizing, and mitigating impacts to them. This dashboard provides access to a filterable table of counties of occurence of ESA-listed species managed primarily by the U.S. Fish …
ESA Listings image.

ESA Listings

<h3>-OBSOLETE-</h3> Since 1973, over 2,000 species have been listed as 'Threatened' or 'Endangered' under the Endangered Species Act (ESA). The Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) provides a detailed description of the listing …
At Risk Species image.

At Risk Species

<h3>-OBSOLETE-</h3> The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Southeast Region assembled a small Microsoft Access database of non-listed, at-risk species, with a focus on species petitioned for listing under the Endangered Species Act. We …