Testimony, seminars, and other talks from CCI


Testimony, seminars, and other talks from CCI

The Center for Conservation Innovation participates in Talks outside of Defenders of Wildlife, including conferences, university lectures, and Congressional testimonies. Take a look at some of our talks here.

Stopping Extinction and Reversing Nature Loss: The Case for a National Biodiversity Strategy

The biodiversity crisis is unfolding around the world and in the U.S. In this hill briefing, CCI Director Jacob Malcom gave Capitol Hill staff and a variety of other interested parties an overview of the science that describes the scale of the …

Supporting Habitat Conservation with Automated Change Detection in Google Earth Engine

In this webinar, Michael presents his and Jacob's recently published paper - Supporting habitat conservation with automated change detection in Google Earth Engine. He covers the importance and need for more comprehensive, effective, and …

From Pixels to Objects: Detecting Habitat Change with AI

In this webinar, Senior Conservation Data Scientist Mike Evans shares the work that CCI has been doing to develop automated change methodology, discusses examples in which CCI has used these tools to positively impact conservation efforts, and shares …

Getting to 30x30 in the US: Guiding Decision-makers with GIS [talk]

A science-based recommendation to help address the biodiversity and climate crises by protecting at least 30% of Earth's terrestrial and marine systems by 2030 (30x30) is gaining momentum in the US. As many groups have signed on to the message, …

Cook Inlet Beluga StoryMap

Join Olivia Lewis, CCI's summer GIS intern, to learn about how she created a storymap to communicate the conservation needs of the Cook Inlet beluga whale in collaboration with Defenders' Alaska team.

A Glimpse into the U.S.-Mexico Border Wall's Disastrous Impact on Wildlife

Join Evelyn Gorey, an Azavea Summer of Maps fellow working with Defenders of Wildlife, in learning about the deleterious impacts of the US-Mexico border wall on wildlife.

Conservation Policy Crash-course for Scientists

There is a mismatch between the rate of advancement in scientific understanding of the state of biodiversity (rapid) and improving conservation outcomes (slow). This difference is due, in part, to a disconnect between scientific research and laws …

Climate Change and the Endangered Species Act: Are US Agencies Protecting Our Most Endangered Animals from Climate Change?

This talk will discuss the role and gaps of policy and management in conserving endangered species under climate change.

FY 2021 Testimony of Jacob Malcom, Ph.D.

The science marshalled in recent months and years shows with unrivaled clarity that this is a pivotal time for that wildlife and ultimately, humanity. Last year’s global assessment on the status of biodiversity and ecosystem services found that 1 in …

Human-wildlife coexistence in shared landscapes: Innovations in science, technology, and policy

Jennie Miller is a wildlife ecologist and conservation scientist who studies human-wildlife coexistence and the costs and effectiveness of approaches for protecting biodiversity globally. She also conducts research and publishes on diverse topics …