CCI Seminar Series

CCI Seminar Series

As part of our leadership in the conservation community, the Center for Conservation Innovation convenes a bi-monthly seminar where we open the doors of Defenders for anyone to come an hear from–and talk with–invited speakers.

Engineering With Nature (EWN): Aligning natural and engineering processes for economic, environmental and social benefits

EWN is the intentional alignment of natural and engineering processes to efficiently and sustainably deliver economic, environmental and social benefits (“Triple-Win” solutions) through collaborative processes. With recent advances in the fields of engineering and ecology, there is an opportunity to combine these fields of practice into a single, collaborative and cost-effective approach to achieve sustainable solutions. This presentation will offer examples of the many EWN collaborative initiatives and projects and highlight example efforts that support the development of more sustainable, water-dependent infrastructure. For more EWN information, please visit: [](

Eyes and ears in the forest – using remote sensing and machine learning techniques to monitor wildlife in the Peruvian Amazon

The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute partners with the private sector to understand the impacts of infrastructure development on biodiversity and to design best practices grounded in science to minimize the impacts of sustainable infrastructure. SCBI is employing various technologies to increase stakeholder participation and cost-effectiveness of wildlife monitoring in working land and seascapes. This talk specifically highlighted how SCBI uses ecoacoustics to monitor sound-producing animals and machine learning to develop tools to identify fish species in the Peruvian Amazon.

Data into Action - An Introduction to Resource Watch

WRI's 'Data into Action' strategy combines open data platforms, information and communication technologies, artificial intelligence, and human networks to drive more transparent and accountable management of the planet's resources. As part of this strategy, WRI launched Resource Watch - a free, open data visualization platform.

Conservation Cartography: From Patagonia to Sounds of the Wild West

As we move out of the information age and into the attention age, conservation organizations need new tools to tell their story, stand out in the crowd, and connect with their audience. ...

SciArt for Environmental Conservation at the National Academy of Sciences

Can art promote environmental conservation? Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences (CPNAS) explores intersections of science and art (sciart) through exhibitions and public programs, including the popular D.C. Art Science Evening Rendezvous (DASER) discussion forum series. ...

Quantifying threats to improve species recovery

Understanding the temporal variation of threats that cause species endangerment is key to development of conservation strategies to improve species recovery. ...