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CCI posts for Defenders’ blog, Wild Without End

Blog posts

CCI posts for Defenders’ blog, Wild Without End

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In addition to our scientific, technical, and policy publications, CCI regularly writes posts for Defenders’ blog, Wild Without End. We collect those posts here.

Get Out and Get Counting in This Year's 'City Nature Challenge'

This time last year, my family and I were in South Florida looking at birds and bugs and plants, and not just for fun (though it was): We were participating in the City Nature Challenge, an annual to-do for us. For our first two challenges in 2017 …

Using GDAL with Python, pip and Windows 10

GDAL is a library built to process geospatial data. It is incredibly useful, but can often be tricky to get working on whatever system you're using. This guide is for developers who want to set up GDAL in a python virtual environment using pip.

The Birds are Calling, and I Must Listen

Spring has finally arrived! As I see the daffodils blooming outside my window, I am reminded of these words from the Romantic poet, William Wordsworth's poem, I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud. Wordsworth, along with other Romantics, sought to restore the …

Youth Climate Movement Brings New Focus to the Climate Crisis

The youngest generations see the climate crisis as an existential threat, requiring drastic action. The youth climate movement - a collection of organizations and actions led mostly by young people to bring about action from our leaders to combat …

If There Ever Were a Time to Pay Attention to Science, It Would Be Now

Today, like everyone around the world, we are watching the coronavirus pandemic unfold and affect millions of lives. We don't yet know how this is all going to play out, but as numbers of cases escalate in every state, we have been witnessing …

Viruses Threaten Wildlife, Too

If COVID-19 is this bad for us humans, what impacts do viruses have on wild animals?

Planning for a Post-Coal World

Cumberland monkeyface. Rough rabbitsfoot. The shiny pigtoe. They're not dance moves - they're mussels! And they are a just a few of the colorfully-named aquatic species that make the lakes and streams of the Appalachian Mountains their home. …

Celebrating the Great Leapers of the Animal Kingdom on Leap Day

Leap day comes around once every four years to keep our calendars on track with the Earth’s revolutions around the sun (which take just a little over 365 days to complete — hence the need for day 366 every once in a while). People born on this day …

First Water From Air, Now Power From Air?!

We’re all aware of the grave threats that face biodiversity around the world and, in turn, threaten human society. But new technology may be among the solutions!

Skype a Scientist

Defenders’ scientists in the Center of Conservation Innovation have joined the growing force of scientists using technology to connect with classrooms around the country. The program is appropriately named Skype A Scientist and works like a matching …