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CCI posts for Defenders’ blog, Wild Without End

Blog posts

CCI posts for Defenders’ blog, Wild Without End

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In addition to our scientific, technical, and policy publications, CCI regularly writes posts for Defenders’ blog, Wild Without End. We collect those posts here.

Tracking Love in the Wild: The Lengths Wildlife Go to for Love

It’s a tale as old as time: girl travels halfway around the world in search of someone she hasn’t even met yet. In a crowded sea of faces she finds them, their eyes lock, and …a week goes by with no call. After a few months, she crawls up onto the …

Funding a Future for Wildlife

On February 6, 2020, Jacob Malcom, Director of the Center for Conservation Innovation at Defenders of Wildlife, testified before the Appropriations Subcommittee on Interior, Environment and Related Agencies of the House Appropriations Committee.

New to the Neighborhood: Defining Habitat

For threatened and endangered species, a range shift or a move into areas they previously didn’t occupy can bring great challenges. Climate change, invasive species, and ever-encroaching human development can all cause a shift in habitability of …

Solar Power for Pollinators

Solar energy could be a Swiss Army knife in helping to save imperiled wildlife. Climate change is an obvious cause for renewable energy development, as solar and other forms reduce greenhouse gas emissions, helping to minimize the impacts of climate …

Salvando Los Sonidos

Para resolver algunos de los mayores desafíos de la conservación de la vida silvestre, a veces todo lo que tenemos que hacer es escuchar.

Storymapping Coexistence Across the Country

Welcoming a new year also means saying goodbye to the old one, and 2019 was definitely a special year for Defenders as we celebrated the Year of Coexistence.

Rise of the Nēnē: Cautious Hope for Hawaii’s State Bird

From fewer than 30 to now around 3,000, the world’s rarest goose is on the rise!

Happy Holidays!

On December 28th, the ESA celebrated its 46th birthday. In honor of this special occasion, please enjoy this festive poem to commemorate the world's strongest law protecting imperiled wildlife!

The Science of Human-Wildlife Coexistence

This year, our Year of Coexistence has led you through stories about Defenders’ work to support the sharing of landscapes between people and wildlife. When these landscapes contain cattle or sheep, Defenders’ efforts center around using non-lethal …

Working the World Over for Species Protections

About one million species are threatened with extinction. Over 75% of terrestrial environments and 66% of marine environments have been significantly altered by humans. Most 2020 Aichi Biodiversity Targets will be missed. These are the numbers and …