Scientists call for action: Solving the biodiversity crisis starts with funding conservation

The data are clear and consistent: Our leaders must invest today to protect biodiversity for the future. Yet conservation is underfunded, and government funding for threatened and endangered species has a long history of severe underfunding.

Join the scientist community in our call for the United States to fully fund conservation policies and programs that prioritize our most threatened and endangered species. We invite you to endorse the Science letter “Solve the biodiversity crisis with funding,” published in Science.

If you are a scientist from any scientific discipline (e.g., ecology, medicine, economics, etc.), we invite you to join as a signatory on the letter. Your name will be featured in the list of scientist signatories who endorse the letter to strengthen our message of scientist consensus.

Before signing, we ask that you read our 300-word letter. When you endorse the letter, you indicate that you generally agree with our message, which will help increase its impact on decision-makers involved in the issue. Your name will be associated with the list of signatories in the published letter.

This project is a partnership with Alliance of World Scientists and Defenders of Wildlife.