Scientist Sign-ons

Scientist Sign-ons

The Center for Conservation Innovation and Defenders organize scientist sign-ons to provide a platform for scientists and researchers to engage in conservation advocacy.

Available sign-ons

Please get in touch if you would like to talk about developing a scientist sign-on. And visit Defenders’ Activist Hub for more ways and tips on how to engage in conservation advocacy.

Scientists call for protecting 30% of California's lands, waters and oceans by 2030

As a globally significant biodiversity hotspot, California's species and people are especially vulnerable to losses from the biodiversity crisis. California's scientists are joining worldwide science-driven efforts supporting the strategy for 30x30 …

Scientists call for action: Solving the biodiversity crisis starts with funding conservation

The data are clear and consistent: Our leaders must invest today to protect biodiversity for the future. Yet conservation is underfunded, and government funding for threatened and endangered species has a long history of severe underfundingJoin the …

Scientists' Call to Action: The U.S.-Mexico Border Wall Threatens Biodiversity and Binational Conservation

Join us in expressing unified concern over the U.S.-Mexico border wall's negative impacts on biodiversity and binational conservation. These concerns are described in the article 'Nature Divided, Scientists United: U.S.-Mexico Border Wall Threatens …