Defend the Roadless Rule in Utah

The Center for Conservation Innovation has produced a [static map]( and [story map]( to accompany a report that was released on July 23, …

Novel data show expert wildlife agencies are important to endangered species protection

To protect biodiversity, conservation laws should be evaluated and improved using data. We provide a comprehensive assessment of how a key provision of the U.S. Endangered Species Act (ESA) is implemented: consultation to ensure federal actions do …

Section 7 Explorer

A Shiny app to explore section 7 consultation data from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over the period 2008-2018. All data are from the Service's TAILS database, checked for basic errors, and duplicates removed before adding to the app.

Data contradict common perceptions about a controversial provision of the US Endangered Species Act

Separating myth and reality is essential for evaluating the effectiveness of laws. Section 7 of the US Endangered Species Act (Act) directs federal agencies to help conserve threatened and endangered species, including by consulting with the US Fish …

Win-Win: The Endangered Species Act and Our National Parks

This report, produced in collaboration between Defenders of Wildlife and National Parks Conservation Association, demonstrates how national parks and the ESA support each other - a win-win for parks and wildlife.

Washington Boat Disposal

CCI provides mapping support throughout Defenders for informational handouts, such as this boat disposal site handout. The handout provides directions for safe, proper boat disposal as an alternative to boat abandonment, which often results in leaked …

Grizzly Bear Electric Fence Incentive Projects

Defenders of Wildlife maintains the Electric Fence Incentive Program in the Rockies and Plains region (read more [here]( Through this program, 43 fence projects were …

Recovery Units

A map showing recovery units designated for threatened and endangered species, which allow more focused recovery efforts.

Smart from the Start: Renewable Energy in the West

Helping ensure that renewable energy projects are built close to existing transmission, on already degraded lands, and away from important habitat areas.

State ESAs

Under the North American model of wildlife management, states take the lead on managing many species. Whether states have the laws and regulations needed to protect imperiled species is a question open to debate. Here, we provide quick and easy …