Growing the National Wildlife Refuge System image.

Growing the National Wildlife Refuge System

The National Wildlife Refuge System is the only federal lands management system with a focus on wildlife conservation. The System includes 568 refuges, with at least one in every state, comprising 95 million acres of land and 760 million acres of …
Castor Mapper image.

Castor Mapper

The Castor Mapper is a web map that allows users to explore data collected by community scientists across North America using [iBeaver](
The Wetlands of California's Central Valley image.

The Wetlands of California's Central Valley

A wetland is an area of land that is either covered or saturated with water for all or part of the year. Depending on how a wetland formed and the types of vegetation it supports, specific wetlands may also be called swamps, marshes, bogs, vernal …
Wonders of the Warbler image.

Wonders of the Warbler

The Golden-cheeked Warbler (GCWA) is a migratory songbird that breeds in only 32 counties in Texas and nowhere else in the world. The Ashe juniper and oak woodlands in the heart of Texas form a very specific habitat that the warbler relies on to …
Saving Habitat... One Solar Panel at a Time image.

Saving Habitat... One Solar Panel at a Time

It is no secret that tackling the climate crisis requires all hands on deck, including a rapid transition to renewable energy. However, without careful planning, building more wind turbines, solar arrays, and other energy projects can damage …
Imagining a New Future for the Lower Snake River image.

Imagining a New Future for the Lower Snake River

Rivers shape the Pacific Northwest, flowing from snow-capped mountains and carving through rugged landscapes until reaching the wild Pacific Ocean. The mighty Columbia and Snake rivers connect the entire Inland Northwest and have supported human and …
Defending Our Nation's Wildlife image.

Defending Our Nation's Wildlife

Defenders of Wildlife is committed to a future where North American wildlife and habitats are secure and thriving. We believe in the inherent value of wildlife and the natural world and our approach is straightforward: Working on the ground, in the …
The Extraordinary Sea Otter image.

The Extraordinary Sea Otter

Southern sea otters play a critical role as a keystone species, which means they have a profound positive impact on the nearshore ecosystems in which they live. For example, by consuming sea urchins, sea otters help keep urchin populations in …
Defending Cook Inlet Belugas image.

Defending Cook Inlet Belugas

With their charming smile and white coloration, beluga whales are among the most iconic marine mammals in the world. Alaska is the only place in the United States where you can go to see belugas in their natural habitat. There are five populations of …
Be Mindful of Beaver image.

Be Mindful of Beaver

Beaver are the classic keystone species. Their remarkable dam building creates deep ponds which are an essential component of aquatic habitats for diverse biological communities. However, their building instincts can sometimes conflict with human …