The Endangered Species Act 101: An Overview

In Part 1 of our ESA series, our Conservation Science & Policy Analyst, Meg Evansen, uses sea turtles to help illustrate why the ESA is essential for the recovery of endangered species.

The Endangered Species Act 101: Section 4

Part 2 of our new ESA series breaks down Section 4 - an important section for giving Florida panthers and other species protections. Here, Meg explains how Section 4 helps endangered species move towards the ultimate goal of recovery.

The Endangered Species Act 101: Section 7

Part 3 of the series explores how Section 7 helps recover endangered species like grizzly bears. Meg looks at how Section 7 provides solutions for both, grizzly bears and people, as we work to protect wildlife from extinction.

The Endangered Species Act 101: Section 9

In the final chapter of our ESA series, Part 4, Meg walks through Section 9 of the Endangered Species Act. She uses whooping cranes as an example of how these protections make sure that listed species are afforded the opportunity to recover.