Join our GIS team for a regular installation of #MapMonday videos walking you through some of the interactive maps and story maps we’ve created!

#MapMonday: Envisioning a Future for Wolves

In this week's episode of #MapMonday, the CCI team celebrates Wolf Awareness Week with a new vision for wolf restoration efforts. To learn more, visit our storymap …

#MapMonday: Siting Low-Impact Solar on Long Island

Travel to Long Island with Lindsay and Rupak, our Senior Renewable Engery and Wildlife Policy Analyst, as they explore low-impact solar siting for more sustainable living. Check out the map: https://dfnd.us/longislandstorymap

#MapMonday: Imagining a New Future for the Lower Snake River

In honor of Orca Month we're imagining a new future for the southern resident orca and the salmon they rely on. This storymap envisions the opportunities that dam removal could bring about for these endangered species, local communities, and …

#MapMonday: The Wetlands of California's Central Valley

In honor of American Wetlands Month, we're highlighting our brand new storymap on the Wetlands of California's central valley. Wetlands support an astounding number and diversity of species. Across the U.S., over one-third of threatened and …

#MapMonday: Golden-cheeked Warbler

In this episode of #MapMonday - we learn more about the Golden-cheeked Warbler - an endangered migratory songbird that breeds in only 32 counties in Texas and nowhere else in the world! Check out the map and learn more …

#MapMonday: Ocelots

In honor of the Ocelot Conservation Festival, this episode of #MapMonday takes a look at this charismatic cat's current and historic range.

#MapMonday: Habitat Patrol

Michael Evans, our Conservation Data Scientist, guest hosts the first #MapMonday of 2021. This episode looks at the Habitat Patrol tool - a free, public web application that lets users run algorithms developed by the Center for Conservation …

#MapMonday: Defending Our Nation's Wildlife

Mae and Lindsay walk through our story map that explains who we are as Defenders of Wildlife. You'll hear from all of our field directors about their conservation priorities and how their teams are meeting the threats of the current biodiversity …

#MapMonday: Field Guide to Climate Change

This MapMonday is about our Field Guide to Climate Change. Guest host Meg Evansen and Aimee Delach look at species already impacted by climate change.

#MapMonday: #Vote4Wildlife

Wolves can't ask for food. Whales can't stop ship traffic. Black-footed ferrets can't stop habitat loss. Most Americans value wildlife and wild places, and when it comes to protecting wildlife - what matters is preserving habitat, giving …