An Intro to #MapMonday

Map Monday is our new series of educational and interactive story maps that combine environmental conservation data and multimedia to share information about imperiled species including their habitats, threats and how we can work together to protect them!

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We are part of Defenders of Wildlife’s Center for Conservation Innovation where we work to find creative ways to help legislators, government agencies, and the public understand where at-risk species live so that we can all work together to better protect them.

As the GIS (or Geographic Information Systems) team our job includes weaving together complex data and map with stories and cool multimedia to share our work and our conservation mission.

Story maps are one tool that helped us to integrate all of these pieces in an interactive web resource to connect you - our audience - with species from all the way north in the Alaskan Arctic to south Florida seas. No matter where in the world you live.

Our story maps reflect the beauty and the challenges of Defenders’ work across the country as well as the amazing diversity of wildlife that we work to protect.

We look forward to sharing our many story maps with you through this new web series.


Lindsay Rosa
Vice President

As the VP of the Center for Conservation Innovation at Defenders, Lindsay leads the Center for Conservation Innovation’s science, technology, and policy teams as we work together to pioneer innovative, pragmatic conservation solutions.