Scientists' Call to Action: The U.S.-Mexico Border Wall Threatens Biodiversity and Binational Conservation

Join us in expressing unified concern over the U.S.-Mexico border wall’s negative impacts on biodiversity and binational conservation. These concerns are described in the article “Nature Divided, Scientists United: U.S.-Mexico Border Wall Threatens Biodiversity and Binational Conservation,” published in the journal Bioscience.

If you are a scientist from any scientific discipline (e.g. ecology, medicine, economics, etc.), we invite you to join as a signatory on the article. Your name will be featured in the list of scientists who endorse the article to strengthen our message of scientist consensus.

If you are not a scientist, we invite you to support the article by signing as a general supporter. Your name will be included in the list of public signatories and will be helpful in demonstrating public interest as we engage with the media about the article.

Before signing, we ask that you read our short article (5 minute read). When you sign the article, you indicate that you generally agree with our article, thereby increasing its impact on decision-makers involved in the issue.

This project is a partnership with Alliance of World Scientists and the Center for Conservation Innovation at Defenders of Wildlife.