Data contradict common perceptions about a controversial provision of the US Endangered Species Act

Separating myth and reality is essential for evaluating the effectiveness of laws. Section 7 of the US Endangered Species Act (Act) directs federal agencies to help conserve threatened and endangered species, including by consulting with the US Fish …

30 years of satellite data show imperiled species are most vulnerable to habitat loss on private lands

To stem the ongoing loss of biodiversity, there is an urgent need to distinguish effective and ineffective approaches to protecting species and their habitats. Conservation laws may be strong on paper but ineffective in practice, or vary in …

Endangered Species Act Funding

An analysis of the funding needed for the US Fish and Wildlife Service to properly implement the US Endangered Species Act.

Counties of Occurrence of ESA-Listed Species

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service provides tables of the counties of occurrence of each ESA-listed species, but they have no single table that compiles all species' data into a single location. We fill that gap with this simple, sortable, and …

ESA Intrastate Species

Proposals have been put forward to remove U.S. Endangered Species Act (ESA) protections from species found in only one state (intrastate species). Most ESA-listed species have limited ranges, which means most occur in a single state. Explore how many …

ESAdocs Search

Thousands of pages of ESA-related documents are created every year, each containing important and helpful information for conserving species. We've collected over 500,000 pages of these documents and made them fully searchable in this publicly …

Jaguar Recovery on the U.S. Border

The jaguar is an important keystone predator whose range extends from South America through the Southwestern U.S. This web map allows easy viewing of key pieces of jaguar recovery data, from occurrence records to suitable habitat models.

Lesser Prairie Chicken Recovery in the Great Plains

The Lesser Prairie-Chicken is an imperiled species that was formerly listed as a threatened species, but was delisted in a court decision. This web map shows the species' range in the southern High Plains.

NMFS West Coast Salmon Range

An alpha-stage app to view the areas occupied by Pacific Coast salmon listed under the Endangered Species Act. Please [get in touch]( if you would like to work on advancing this tool.

Protecting Habitat on Federal Lands

Over 1/4 of lands in the U.S. are federally owned and are essential to protecting wildlife. This simple web map shows many of the major land management units in the country.